Tommy Lee GOAT Video Responds Back to Bounty Killer

Tommy Lee Goat head Video targets Bounty Killer

Tommy Lee’s GOAT video (targeting Bounty Killer) is out. You can see it on our ReggaeManiaTV YouTube “Top 30 Dancehall Videos” Playlist, or by visiting and going to VIDEOS.  The first thing I do is laugh when I see this video, as the very first shot shows a goat just sitting there with dark glasses and a “ goatee” beard resembling the Killa himself. At first, I thought this looked cheap and tacky, and I still do to some degree. Why the still shot? In Jamaica, we slaughter and skin goats then hang the carcass from the limb of a tree in preparation for feasting. So the Bounty Killer goat wearing Bounty Killer glasses is cool, but I would’ve rather seen a real goat (not a still shot) with fear in it’s eyes and body language because he knows his inevitable fate (Sparta could’ve been super imposed as the slaughterer with the machete (Lol). Tommy Lee – be warned – “GOAT” also stands for “Greatest Of All Time”.

On a serious note, this video and song is a solid response from the young Tommy Lee as he enters the “man vs boy” arena after being targeted by Bounty and his entourage. Check these lyrics;

“Fool stop pree me, Goat head you can’t defeat me, Hmmmm..nuh mek mi rise it
..You a elder mi never wah diss you, But the wworld done know you diss fuss. Bout you come a pull batty aligations, Member you do video wid a naked man….”

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